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Mastering on line
mastering on line
mastering on line


Angel Recording Studio supply a dedicated mastering section.


Thanks to perfectly linear room calibration and custom analog and digital processors you can achieve masters in line with reference standards


The equipement provides you to do Mid-Side processing entirely in analog domain.


Furthermore you can chose steam mastering and process instruments groups (rythm section, guitars, synths, voices..) to get more control on dynamics and detail.



Free Preview


Send us your track and you can get a 30" free traditional mastering sample in 24H.

If you are satisfied, just for 15 euro, you'll receive in a short time your mastered  track.

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Traditional Mastering


1 Track 15 € | 4 Track EP 50 € | Album LP 100 €


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Get your mastering service for a small price and your tracks will sound as commercial standard productions.

Stem Mastering


1 Track 30 € | 4 Track EP 100 € | Album LP 200 €



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Stem Mastering process gives you high detail and control on dynamics and presence.

This is possible as you can process indipendently your instruments groups (rythm section, guitars, keyboards, voices..).


*free preview is not available for stem mastering

mastering on line ENG





Check the level meter, the signal must be between -6db and -3db.

It is recomend to export in 32 bit float however 24 bit and 16 bit are allowed. No mp3. We accept every kind of sample frequency greater or equal to 44khz.

No dynamic or dithering plugin/processor must be applied on the output bus.




It is possible to edit up to 8 bus groups.

Reverbs and fx sends must me sent to the group the respective instrument belong to.





Use wetransfer service (click the  banner on top). Insert your e-mail address in the  "Your email" field and our e-mail ( ) in the"Friend's email" field.




In 24H you'll receive 30" preview of your mastered track

If in 24 hours you get no response, please contact us to verify that we have received the file.




If you approve the preview click the payement method you need. You will receive an e-mail that confirm we have received payment and we are working on your production.




Simultaneously to payement you can request some changes via mail related to the demo you received.Parameters to report are: dynamics, stereo image, luodness, brightness.

You cna send us a comparison track (mp3 format) to identify the kind of sound to achieve.




Once we finish the work, we will send you an e-mail with the "digital master" in .wav 16 bit 44 khz e .mp3 320 kbps formats.


The entire process can take between 24 and 48 H depending on the workload we have at that time.

Mastering process needs time. Doubt who promise satisfying results in ultra fast time.


EQUALIZATION - Discrete, Valve, Linear Phase


DYNAMCS - Optical, Fet, Transistor, Buss Compression,

Multiband, Dynamic Eq, Frequency drived global Compression


SPATIAL - M/S processing, Stereo enhancer, Multiband Image control


AUTOMATION - processing time related


ENHANCER - Tape saturation, Valve saturation, Iron saturation, multiband exciting


LOUDNESS -  Transparent limiting, bultiband limiting, loudness analyzer, professional dithering.

Angel Recording Studio
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